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Our Services

Free, Confidential Pregnancy Tests

We offer free urine pregnancy tests. No appointment or age minimum is required. Contact our office for our hours. Walk-ins welcomed.

Urine pregnancy tests are most accurate after a missed period. These tests are self-administered, but the results are verified by a Pregnancy Aid staff member or volunteer. You can have written verification of positive pregnancy from our center if needed.

Emotional Support

Sometimes even planned pregnancies can be stressful. Our trained staff will help you explore your options, and will listen to your concerns. We’re not here to judge, just help.

We can offer you resources such as help with medical insurance, referrals to support groups or professional counseling, referrals for government assistance if needed, and lots of time one-on-one with a peer counselor or time in our classes as we discuss relationships, parenting, childbirth and other relevant topics.


We offer free limited, non-diagnostic ultrasounds.

A limited ultrasound takes a look inside the uterus in order to:

Material Support

We have brand new and gently used maternity clothes, baby clothes and baby equipment. We also have diapers, wipes, breastfeeding accessories, books and toys.

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